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Top 20 Full Tuition PhD Scholarships for International Students 2020

Top 20 Full Tuition PhD Scholarships for International Students 2020

Are your options limited by the high costs of postgraduate education at renowned universities? It is not easy to find a doctoral scholarship for international students. They are not as common as scholarships for graduate and undergraduate programs. However, it is important to know that doctoral scholarships are specifically designed for students from Africa and other developing regions.

1. K.U. Doctoral scholarships from the University of Leuven for developing countries

We return to a further doctoral scholarship of KU Leuven. This time, the scholarship is intended for the student to do all his research at KU Leuven. For this scholarship, you can choose a doctoral or pre-doctoral program from the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology or Biomedicine. Tuition, health and life insurance, partner and child benefit, monthly scholarship and travel expenses are included in this scholarship. In Belgium there are even more doctoral scholarships that are not on this top 10 list.

2. Master and doctoral scholarships from the University of Tokyo

Imagine a scholarship that pays off not just for tuition, but for other expenses such as tuition, emergency and student discounts. This is the scholarship of the University of Tokyo for international students. The aim of this scholarship is twofold: to provide financial support to independent international students with outstanding academic achievements and to increase the number of foreign students.

3. Graduate Fellowships of the Nanyang President

The NPGS is a competitive and prestigious scholarship program in Singapore that aims to encourage outstanding international students, whether undergraduate or graduate students, to pursue a leading research career by completing a PhD program at Nanyang Technological University. Sponsorship for NPGS winners is up to 4 years. Each academic year awards up to 30 NPGS prizes. Successful candidates are referred to as graduates of the Nanyang president.

4. KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Program

The KAAD Scholarship is offered to postgraduate and graduate students in developing countries who are Catholic-Christian (or generally belonging to a Christian denomination). If you are a Catholic, have already gained work experience and are interested in studying for a master’s or doctoral degree (or research) in Germany, you should pay attention to this scholarship. The KAAD scholarship includes visa modalities, return flights, German lessons, lessons, livelihood, accommodation and many other costs. You can apply for any course, but the KAAD scholarship favors development-related courses.

5. PhD scholarships from the Japan Foundation United Nations University

This scholarship is available to impressive applicants from developing countries who can demonstrate the need for financial support. The JFUNU scholarship covers all tuition fees and provides a monthly allowance of Yen 150,000 for living costs for a maximum of 24 months. If you are a Ph.D. student from a developing country and would like to attend a science, sustainability and peace education course at the United Nations University in Japan, then apply for this scholarship.

6. CARTA Doctoral Scholarships for African Researchers

The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) is an initiative of eight African universities, four African research institutes and selected partners from the North. The scholarship, which runs for 4 years at an African university, includes the costs of the fellows’ participation in the advanced seminars; a modest monthly scholarship; small grants for research activities; a laptop with appropriate software; Funds for travel to conferences and costs for participation in joint program activities. Apply for this program in early April.

7. PhD scholarships from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) for developing countries

The University of Louvain organizes a competition to award doctoral scholarships to citizens from developing countries. With this scholarship, you will receive an UCL PhD scholarship that includes up to 36 months of assistance and, if applicable, one or more round-trip tickets between the nearest international airport to your country of residence and Brussels Airport.

8. Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA) Fully funded doctoral scholarships for international students

The SINGA Prize is awarded twice a year to provide international students with a doctoral degree in English in their selected laboratory at Singapore Research Institutes, National University of Singapore or Nanyang Technology University. For up to 4 years, you could be eligible for tuition, a monthly scholarship that increases after passing the qualifying exam. It will also

9. Commonwealth Doctoral Fellowships in the UK for Developing Countries

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is one of the world’s largest scholarship programs for international students. Since its inception, more than 27,500 people have received assistance. You will be in a really good company to win this award. Here is what you should know about this scholarship. All subject areas are eligible. However, you are likely to receive this scholarship if your application is very important for development. Like the Split Site Scholarship, this scholarship is for all interested parties. All supplements and expenses, including expenses of your partner and your children.

10. Commonwealth Split Website Doctoral Fellowship

The Split-Site scholarships of the Commonwealth support one year of study at a university in the UK as a Ph.D. in the candidate’s country of residence under the joint control of the country of origin and the UK supervisor. So, if you want to study at a UK university for up to 12 months as part of a doctoral program that you have already started in your country, apply for this scholarship. This scholarship will allow you to split your 12-month study tour in the UK into two or more periods, with no more than 12 months between each scholarship period. As for insurance coverage, this scholarship covers all benefits and expenses, including the expenses of your partner and your children.

11. PhD Fellowship Program for International Students in Hong Kong

Hong Kong scholarship is a fully funded award that brings the best and brightest to Hong Kong. The scholarship includes a one-year scholarship, as well as a conference and travel expenses per year for up to three years. Guess what? About 230 of these doctoral scholarships are offered during the school year. That’s not all. Winners who take more than three years to earn a Ph.D. degree may receive additional support.

12. Cambridge International Doctoral Fellowship

Cambridge University offers a number of scholarships for international students each year. From Schlumberger Cambridge scholarships to Gates Cambridge scholarships to Cambridge University graduate scholarships, up to 300 Cambridge scholarships are awarded to foreign students. For 3 years, each award covers the entire cost of fees and services. Only academic qualifications, references and research potential are considered. Your financial situation does not affect the choice of fellows. Then convince the admissions office to apply for a full scholarship.

13. Rotary Yoneyama Foundation Scholarships for International Students

The Rotary Yoneyama scholarship is designed for international students who want to enroll in a Japanese university or graduate school. The scholarship is supported by contributions from Rotarians throughout Japan. The Foundation is the largest private scholarship organization in Japan, both in terms of program size and the number of scholarships awarded. To receive this scholarship, you must find out for yourself and apply to a Japanese university or graduate school before you can apply for this grant of 140,000 yen per month.

14. DAAD scholarships in Germany

Year after year, numerous scholarships are received from the German Academic Exchange Service. If you are looking for the majority of scholarships offered to students and young professionals from developing countries, you are in the right place with DAAD. In fact, scholarships are available in various forms, from undergraduate degrees to research courses and group visits. DAAD funds a large number of students to complete various programs in their countries and in German universities. Could you be next?

15. Fellowships of the Commonwealth of New Zealand

Financial support for students in developing countries is not as widespread in New Zealand as in countries such as the United Kingdom and even sister Australia. However, there are scholarship programs that foreign students can attend. One of them is a fellowship of the Commonwealth of New Zealand. Would you like to study in New Zealand for a master’s degree or PhD? Then take advantage of this opportunity. The scholarship provides financial support to students from the Commonwealth for study, the cost of living in New Zealand and rates. Student partners are eligible to receive a work visa in order to live and work in New Zealand while their partner is studying.

16. International Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright International Students Program allows graduate students, young professionals and foreign artists to study and conduct research in the United States. Scholarships are designed for study in the field of master or doctoral degrees, and can also be awarded for postgraduate study. The number of awards varies from country to country, but about 4,000 international students annually receive Fulbright scholarships. The scholarship will finance tuition, textbooks, airline tickets, living allowance and medical insurance for the entire period of study.

17. Scholarships from Cambridge Trust International

The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust was formed on August 1, 2013 as a result of the merger of the Cambridge Trust Commonwealth and the Cambridge Trust Fund. The trust annually awards about 500 scholarships and annually supports from 1,100 to 1,400 students from 85 countries of the world. In total, the foundation has provided nearly 19,000 scholarships to foreign students. Selected graduate students, undergraduates and bachelors receive awards in all subjects.

18. Scholarships from Jiangsu Province

This scholarship is awarded to outstanding international students or scholars who want to complete full-time studies at universities and colleges in Jiangsu Province. This will also include these programs without diplomas and exchange students. The scholarship covers a full refusal of tuition fees, registration, laboratory tests, internships and basic textbooks. Accommodation, monthly scholarship, medical insurance and more. There are also partial scholarships in the amount of 30,000 yuan in one year, and the winners receive half the scholarship in two semesters. The scholarship is open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies.

19. MOFKOM (Department of Commerce) scholarships for developing countries

The MOFCOM scholarship was established by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China to further strengthen communication and cooperation between China and other countries and to develop talent for developing countries. The scholarship is intended for master’s and doctoral programs and covers tuition fees. Educational material; Research and survey; Instructions for the dissertation; one-time resettlement fee: 3,000 yuan for undergraduate student, 3,000 yuan for doctoral student; Campus accommodation; Scholarship: medical insurance and one-time international return flight.

20. New Zealand Development Fellowships for Students from Africa and Developing Countries

New Zealand Development Scholarships (NZDS) allow candidates from selected developing countries to acquire knowledge and skills by learning in specific disciplines that contribute to the development of their home country. Award winners must return to their country for at least two years after receiving a scholarship in order to apply these new skills and knowledge to the state, civil society or private business organizations.


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