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Getting Prepared for a Course abroad? – Take Note of these points

Getting Prepared for a Course abroad? – Take Note of these points

So, are you thinking of going to university in the USA? Big! It is a fascinating and extremely diverse country with a rich history of first-class higher education opportunities. There is little doubt that being a student in America is an unforgettable and very rewarding experience.

We all saw these films about college in the US, thinking that we have a good idea of ​​what to expect when we arrive. However, Hollywood is not always the best in reflecting reality – and, considering how crazy some of these films are, in this case, it’s probably not that bad. Despite this, there is no doubt that a lot of fun awaits you, many inspiring lectures and the opportunity to meet some great people.

Here is a list of nine things that every student should know about studying in the US, just to clarify some of the misconceptions that you may have caught along the way.

1. A university in the USA is called a “college”

In most countries, the word “college” is associated with professional courses, education after 16 years, or a place where you can get more free or professional certificates. In the US, the word “college” is synonymous with university, which is worth knowing if you want to avoid confusion.

2. You do not need to immediately decide what to learn.

Students in the US are expected to study about five subjects per semester, and then announce the main subject (the main subject in which you will graduate). Often these items may have little in common or have nothing to do with your last major. It is not surprising that students specializing in robotics study a “minor” course of German, English literature, mathematics, or something completely different. This ability to continue to study various subjects is one of the most attractive things when entering a university in the United States.

3. The first week will be either heaven or hell

The first week of college in the vast majority of US colleges is an opportunity for students to get to know each other, enroll in clubs, societies and fraternities, and attend parties and events held by your college. You will be in a whirlwind of disorientation; trying to remember the names of people, maintaining their energy level and getting lost on campus. Love it or hate it, it is the ritual of the passage that everyone must pass.

4. Textbooks are insanely expensive

People who produce college textbooks and other reading materials in the United States should laugh all the way to the bank — these things cost a fortune. Fortunately, groups in social networks devoted to the exchange or transfer of used textbooks are becoming more common, so you can find some deals.

5. Life in college in the USA is easy. No rating.

It seems that in the USA there is a huge gap between the relatively calm nature of the lectures, the atmosphere of the student community and the rigid evaluation structures used by the colleges themselves. Even a small mistake with quotes or an essay structure can be an instantaneous mistake, so be sure to check and recheck all the work you are sending.

6. American colleges have more than just Ivy League.

American Ivy League colleges are known worldwide for their quality and prestige. However, they are not the only great universities in the United States. Depending on what course or experience you want to get, it may be worth looking into one of the 4,000 university universities in the United States. You can find something more suitable for you and save a lot of money too.

7. More flexibility than you would expect.

American colleges have a high flexibility policy when it comes to changing your mind about the courses you attend and even about the college where you study. You can change the basic course as many times as you like, if you feel that it does not suit you, and you can even change colleges using your loans, without having to pay an extra penny.

8. It is not as expensive as you think.

American colleges are known to be among the most expensive in the world, but this is not always the case. In fact, the cost of college in the United States covers much more than in other countries – the price includes medical insurance, accommodation, accommodation and more. It is also always worth checking what financial assistance you are entitled to at your university, and on scholarships for which you could apply.

9. College of Sports

If you are from Europe or anywhere else in the world, it is likely that your school or university sports teams won’t matter – just some friends will meet to play with a nearby

10. Believe In Your Capacity

This is the last but not the least because your course will be demanding you to come out from your comfort zone and present your own idea no matter the side you are taking.

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