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Fortis Fellowship Program for Undergraduates – 2020/2021- Fully Funded

Fortis Fellowship Program for Undergraduates – 2020/2021- Fully Funded

The Fortis cooperation program is available to college understudies in their second year of study. The association program has just gone on for a long time, and yearly select regard understudy into the cooperation program. The commencement of the cooperation grant was started by an incredible pioneer and humanitarian Charles F. Feeney. The Fortis partnership program is planned for improving lives and making numerous experts in creating nations and colleges on the planet. Hence, Fortis society is a self-administered and financed association. This establishment is one of things to come pioneer establishments in the USA.

Hence, for understudies to be conceded into this cooperation a cooptation procedure is utilized in the determination procedure. In any case, the association program is available to understudies not more established than 22 years who are in their second year of concentrate in any college around the globe. In this way, the Fortis cooperation program targets creating youthful pioneers who are scholastically solid. The association program is likewise in commitment to set up the granted understudy to turn out to be full individuals from the Fortis Society.

Fellowship Benefits:

  • The Future Leaders Foundation will cover the rest of the students’ program cost
  •  The winners will be opportune to get mentorship from world-renowned professionals;
  • There will be a three-week intensive leadership training for the winners of the fellowship program
  •  The students will be provided with funding and support for an internship abroad;
  • The winners will be provided with customized career advice and tools
  •  Also, the students will be given access to an influential international network.

Number of Awardees:

The number of students to be awarded this fellowship program is usually not specified but will be given to students from humble backgrounds and thus prepares them to be part of the Fortis Society.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to apply for the Fortis fellowship program for undergraduates 2020 the intending candidates must meet up to the under-listed criteria;

  • The intending applicants must not be older than the age of 22. That is there are either 22 years old or younger.
  • The applicants must also ensure that they are students currently undergoing their 2nd year of an undergraduate study program in any course at a reputable university in the world.
  • Also, the fellowship program is measured to assist students from a low background family. That is students who are financially in need. Thus the intending applicants must be the first from their family to attend university and on a low-income scale
  • The students applying should ensure that they have outstanding academic performance from their University.
  • The intending applicants must have proven good leadership abilities through self-started initiatives or undertaken leadership positions on campus or in their community
  •  The applicants must have demonstrated resilience and persistence shown by overcoming hardship
  • The applicants must have records of altruistic initiatives
  • To make your application more competitive the candidates can also demonstrate strong charisma, ethics, global ambition, and altruism.
  • The students should demonstrate excellence in their professional endeavors
  • Intending applicants should show boundless zeal and ambition
  • The students should ensure they have a clear vision and strategy to achieve great success

Candidates Pledges After Acceptance:

When the students are fully accepted into the Fortis society, they will be asked to make a pledge and uphold them. Thus, the pledge is tagged the honor pledge goes below;

  • To uphold the morals and ideals of the Society
  • To strive toward an increasingly higher level of influence
  • Will have reciprocal solidarity and oneness with all Members,
  • Will contribute to strengthening the Fortis Society
  • Lastly, pledge to create meaningful change that will affect the societyAlso,

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Application Process:

All the applicants are screened purely based on merit. This is based on their academic achievements and their demonstrated potential to become prominent global leaders in their fields. Also, in their history of proactively creating positive change. Hence, one has to visit the fellowship opportunity website to fill the form available there.

Afterward, applicants who pass the stringent first screening will be presented to the Fortis Society’s Cooptation Council. This is to be considered for cooptation to the Fortis Society. Candidates that are successfully co-opted are inducted into the Fortis Society. Below is an outline of the application process;

  • Round One: In this phase, the applicants’ applications are thoroughly screened and considered. Thus, after the round students will be selected to continue on the second round.
  • Round Two: In this round, the selected applicant will have an interview session with the Future Leader Foundation. But, not all will still make it after the interview.
  • Round Three: At this stage, the cooptation council reviews and selects the finalists.
  • Round Four: The cooptation council will finally select applicants deemed fit for the award and contact them thereafter.


The application for the Fortis fellowship program is currently on and will end by March 26, 2020. So intending applicants should hurry up with their application process.

For further details on the fellowship program and to access the online form, the students are advised to visit the scholarship webpage;

Visit the Scholarship Webpage

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