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Stockholm University Full Tuition Scholarships for Foreign Students 2020-2021

Stockholm University Full Tuition Scholarships for Foreign Students 2020-2021

Stockholm University grants for global understudies are assortments of grant decisions accessible for worldwide understudies applying to Stockholm University. The Stockholm University grants for worldwide understudies focuses in helping global understudies who wish to learn at Stockholm University yet have budgetary challenges scale through their investigations.

In any case. the grant program is just open to worldwide understudies who have demonstrated remarkable execution in their past scholastic interests. By worldwide understudies it implies understudies originating from nations outside of EU/EEA/Switzerland into Stockholm University. Hence, Stockholm University is a standout amongst other existing Swedish Universities. It is an open research college in Sweden that is notable for its refined research offices and institutionalized plan of instructing.

In this manner, there are three classifications of grants made accessible for worldwide understudies to learn at the University of Stockholm;

  • Scholarships offered by Stockholm University
  • Scholarships offered by other organizations
  • Scholarships from the Swedish Institute

Scholarships offered by Stockholm University:

The scholarships offered by Stockholm University are open to all international students intending to undertake a master’s program at the University. The Stockholm University Scholarships for International Students offered by the school is funded by a different donor, faculties and the school authority. This scholarship aims at eliminating difficulties encountered by students why undertaking their choice program at Stockholm University.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the scholarships offered by Stockholm University you must meet at the criteria below,

  • Students must be applying for a full-time master’s degree program at the university.
  • The intending applicants must be a fee-paying student. In other words, there is no other organization or body funding the student.
  • The major criteria for awarding the scholarship are based on previous academic performance.
  • The student must be from countries outside of EU/EEA/Switzerland
Benefits of the Scholarship Program:

The scholarship opportunity comes with a lot of benefits. Thus the benefits are elaborated below;

  • The winners of the scholarship program tuition fees will be covered throughout the scholars’ master program. This is provided to the student to maintain their outstanding academic performance.
  • The scholars are given the opportunity to join the school Alumni community after the scholars’ program

Though, the students are expected to provide and fend for their cost of living while undertaking their program.

Number of Awardees:

The number of students that are awarded the scholarship program yearly is not usually specified.

Eligible Countries:

All international students applying to undertake a master’s program at Stockholm University are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

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Application Procedures:

The application procedures for the scholarships offered by Stockholm University is simply through the school directives. At the time the newly admitted students into Stockholm University is notified of their admittance, an email notification will be sent to respective students therein with the application form for the scholarship application. It is advisable to know that the school gives preference to students who chose the University as their first choice of study during admission processing.

For more information regarding this scholarship, kindly visit the scholarship webpage;

Visit the Scholarship Webpage

Scholarships offered by other organizations:

Stockholm University Scholarships for International Students offered by different organizations, foundations, and associations. Some of these scholarships are available for students in different countries. While the other has country restrictions. The scholarship offered by other organizations is aimed to help promote growth and ease the students’ financial stress through their academic pursuits. Thus, some of these organizations host their scholarships through Stockholm University. Below are some of the organization that makes scholarships available for several international students to undertake their master study program at Stockholm University.

  • Open Society Foundation fellowships and scholarships
  • Rotary International district and global grants
  • The World Bank Scholarship and Fellows Program

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Some of these scholarships require the applicants to be among their organizational members in the case like the Rotary international district and global grants. To get the detailed information regarding this scholarship programs kindly visit the scholarship webpage.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage

Scholarships from the Swedish Institute:

The scholarships from the Swedish Institute is a governmental hosted scholarship that is administered through Stockholm University. It is one of the Stockholm University Scholarships for International Students. There are a lot of benefits derivable from the scholarships from the Swedish Institute. Thus, below are the derivable benefits from scholarships under this category.

  • The scholarships are usually fully-funded, thus it covers full tuition fee of scholars.
  • It covers living expenses for the scholars
  • It gives air travel allowance to scholars. Hence the scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute are numerous.

The Swedish Institute offers over 470 scholarships and support programs to international students every year. Thus, below are the available scholarships through the Swedish Institute;

  • Visby Programme Scholarships for master’s studies
  • Visby Programme Scholarships for Ph.D. studies and postdoctoral research
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for South Africa (SISSA)
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP)
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for the Western Balkans and Turkey for master’s studies
  • Swedish-Turkish Scholarship Programme for Ph.D. studies and postdoctoral research 

To see more details regarding any of these scholarship programs, kindly visit the scholarship webpage.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage

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