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Sydney Scholars Fully Funded Award for Undergraduates – 2020/2021

Sydney Scholars Fully Funded Award for Undergraduates – 2020/2021

The Sydney researchers grant is sorted out by the University of Sydney for understudies meaning to embrace an undergrad program at the University of Sydney. The University of Sydney known as one of the world’s top driving college is an incredible establishment for understudies to embrace an undergrad program. In this manner, the Sydney researchers grant is available to both locally situated understudies and worldwide understudies. In this way, this is a fantastic open door for worldwide understudies to embrace a course in one of the widely acclaimed’s colleges under a grant program.

This researchers grant additionally opens an extraordinary benefit for worldwide understudies to contemplate in Australia at the University of Sydney is situated in Australia. The school is one of Australia’s open research establishments and the 6 sandstone best college in Australia as of records.

The Sydney researchers grant was created to help splendid understudies who are constrained to have quality instruction because of funds. In spite of the fact that the researchers’ honor isn’t completely supported yet attempts to cover a significant part of the understudies’ needs. The grant opportunity is available to understudies who have quite recently closed their auxiliary level instruction and need to start their undergrad program at the University of Sydney on any course of their decision.

Benefits of the Sydney Scholars Award:

  •  A scholarship worth $6,000 to $10,000 is given to students and is tenable for the full-time duration of the winners’ undergraduate program. 
  • The Scholarship award will not cover appended Honours or any Masters level courses in a double degree. Also, the scholarship will not cover for any postgraduate program undertaken as part of a double degree.
  •  The reception of the scholarship award can be deferred for up to two years. Deferral of the Scholarship is only permitted with permission of the Scholarships Office.
  • The Scholarship award is transferrable to another undergraduate program at the University of Sydney. Though, the funding will only be provided for with the consideration with the already covered duration in the course already undertaken. But the approval for the scholarship transfer must have consent from the Scholarships Office.
  •  If a part-time scholarship is approved, payment will be 50% of the amount of the normal semester payment.
  • The scholarship is only renewable provided that the students maintain their academic performances. With scoring at least 75% each year.

Eligible Countries:

The Sydney scholars award is open to intending undergraduate students around the world that aspires to undertake any course in the University of Sydney;

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship program, students have to meet to the eligibility criteria; 

  1. Intending applicants must be a domestic student or an international student who has recently completed an International Baccalaureate or its educational award equivalent
  2. The student must be applying for admission to the University of Sydney through the UAC
  3. The students must have achieved an ATAR of 95% or above 
  4. The applicant must be applying in the year that they complete their secondary education. But are allowed to defer the award for up to two years if granted the award.

Application Procedure:

The University of Sydney advises students to go through the application guildlines stringently to ensure that they have a smooth application process;

Seek for Advice:

Before applying for any scholarship it is wise you seek advice from persons who are more experienced than you are in the educational field. This will, in turn, enable you to make the right choices and guild your decisions. This includes asking for advice and assistance from the parents and guidance and also an academic advisor. Thus, this will get you set to know the necessary requirements and documentation you would have to meet up to to be validated for the scholarship program. 

Choose your course:

After gathering advice from educational superiors, this is the point where the intending applicants carefully research the available courses at the University of Sydney. Once they have decided on the best course, they are good to go.

Personal Statement:

Ensure you have a good personal statement as it is one of the things that really justifies that you are eligible to be awarded the scholarship program. Though, the personal statement column during the application process has a character limit of 1000. But the applicants be prepared and ensure they cover the following six questions;

  1.  Why the student is applying for their chosen course?
  2. Talk about your academic achievements so far.
  3. Talk about your future goals.
  4. Talk about any extracurricular, personal, leadership or community activities you are involved in and why?
  5. How do these activities contribute to your current and future aspirations?
  6. Anything else you would like to include?
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After all said and done. It is time to pursue that dream scholarship. Ensuring you strictly follow the application procedure and using original and non-forged documents. Thus, every intending applicant of a scholarship program have to bear in mind that the following are usually required in the application process;

  • The student complete profile containing their personal details
  • A certificate to prove for the English language requirement
  • The details and evidence of the students’ previous academic performance, for example, academic transcript
  • The intending course the student is pursuing
  • Sometimes maybe required summary of candidates employment experience


The application process for the Sydney scholars award scheme is usually from 2 September to 30 September each year.

To get further details for the application procedure and to see the application form visit the scholarship webpage;

Visit the Scholarship Webpage

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